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Friends Travel is your one-stop-shop for travel insurance agents in Patiala. We offer a wide range of insurance plans to cater to every traveler’s unique needs and budget. Our experienced agents provide expert advice to help clients choose the right plan for their trip. We believe in providing affordable prices without compromising on the quality of their services.

We strive to create well-structured products that offer superior security. To put it another way, our packages offer a true value for money because of our pricing. We also want to establish and keep successful connections with our customers, staff and benefactors.

When customers continually opt for us, we can consider our efforts successful. This demonstrates their faith in our ability to live up to or beyond their aspirations in terms of cost, services and claim resolution. Our products are created specifically to meet each customer’s unique requirements. Henceforth we offer incredibly individualised, kind and above all trustworthy services. Last but not least, we strive to constantly be accessible to all of our clients. For the best Patiala travel protection providers do contact us.

Multi-Journey Trip Insurance

A complete year’s worth of travel could be covered by yearly several trip insurance. The maximum number of continuous days you can travel is often between 15 and 92 days.

Group Travel Insurance

Inquire about group trip costs. We can check the marketplace for estimates that meet the requirements of your company. You may purchase the best sole voyage travel medical insurance and several trips travel medical insurance online. Now with us for every trip, including vacations, business trips and educational trips.

Travel insurance agent in Patiala

Advantages of Travel Protection

Payment-free Hospital Stays- You are not required to cover the care out of your purse when you are in another country. With overseas clinics, large insurance carriers have a cash-free deal. Due to this cash-free hospitalisation setup, the insurance provider promptly pays the healthcare spending with the hospital.

Missing Passport- It is well-known that your passport is a very crucial piece of identification when travelling abroad. It is a requirement for returning home and the main identity-pertained paperwork. When you purchase travel insurance, the insurance provider directs you. While you lost the passport and assists you in making sure the return trip is easier.

Baggage Loss

Missed Flight Insurance

Accident protection

Extension of an emergency visit

Healthcare coverage

Travel abandonment

Just submit your passport details along with photographs and documents. In a simple procedure, avail of an approved visa online. Consult any of our travel insurance specialists in Patiala and get immediate help from professionals in travel insurance and put your fears to rest. Connect us right away!

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